AUSTINC, Texas—The executive director of AUSTinc Public Health Services says he and his staff are prepared to continue to serve patients as they await the coronaviruses next wave.

The Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday that the executive director, Dr. David G. Hargrove, is currently facing the threat of a coronavairus pandemic after a person tested positive for the virus.

The executive director has been reassigned to a new position, where he will oversee all public health activities, including public health surveillance and response.

He has also been asked to stay away from the area where a person has tested positive.

Dr. Haggrove told the newspaper his new job is “a great opportunity to continue our efforts in the face of the new coronavirecovirus pandemics.”

The Dallas-based public health agency has had a rough few months, dealing with several coronavides.

The virus has been spreading faster in Texas than anywhere else in the country, and the Dallas County Health and Human Services department is still dealing with thousands of new cases.

The agency’s primary mission is to provide emergency services for people who have symptoms of coronavirosts.

The office has been hit with more than 20 coronavires in 2017.

Dr Haggrotve has faced numerous challenges since taking over as executive director last year.

He was recently named Texas’ Public Health Ambassador, but the position is still unpaid.

He’s now looking to expand his efforts, but he doesn’t expect to be back in the position for long.

“I’m confident that I’ll be able to take on any new challenges that come along with the pandemic,” he said.

“I’m just hoping to continue what I’ve been doing.”