The BJP has a new hero in its ranks – a man who has become synonymous with Hindu extremism.

It is a man known as “Christus Health”, who is known for his virulent anti-Muslim tirades and calls for the murder of Muslims and Christians.

Christus is the name of a Christian priest who is believed to have been murdered by a Muslim mob in 1994.

The RSS, however, does not seem to have given up on the man who they claim is the godman of all religions.

In an interview to a news channel, RSS spokesman Vikas Swarup said that God-Man, who has been a Hindu since the time of Mahabharata, is not a Hindu but a Muslim.

Christis Health is a “good and well-known Hindu leader and his followers are spread in various parts of the country,” he said.

Christuses health ministry, in its Facebook page, had posted on Sunday that he is “a godman”, saying he has a lot of followers and has become the “greatest Hindu”.

Swarups comments came days after the RSS announced that they have started sending out letters to all Hindus saying that they must join their “God-Man”.

“If you are not with us, you will be martyred.

He is not one of us but a Hindu,” the ministry has said.

The BJP has long accused the RSS of instigating Hindu violence in the country.

In 2012, the organisation claimed that a video clip of a man being beaten up by a mob on a bus had been doctored.

In March last year, the BJP had launched a campaign against the RSS in Gujarat, accusing it of being behind riots that killed nearly 70 people and left more than 4,000 people injured.

The Hindu Rashtra Samithi, which claims to be the mouthpiece of the RSS, has repeatedly denied that its leaders are behind the riots.

In the video clip, a man can be seen on a motorcycle being attacked by a group of men.

The group shouts, “Kill the Hindus”.

The RSS has a long history of attacking the Hindu community, which it views as a threat to the Hindu nationalist ideology.

In 2012, RSS leader M.S. Natarajan was suspended from the party after it had announced that a documentary about the RSS leader Mahant Babasaheb Ambedkar, who had been assassinated by Muslim extremists, would be shown in Gujarat.

Natarajann, who is now a BJP state president, has claimed that the BJP is an organisation of “secularists” and is “not the RSS”.