The Obama administration on Wednesday ordered the national health insurance exchange, Apple Health, to offer its own insurance options as a condition of getting coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

The move was a reversal of the previous administration’s position that Apple was not required to offer health insurance.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the decision.

The order means that the new employer-sponsored plan that the health care giant has created, known as Apple Health Bronze, will be a premium product and not a “grandfathered” insurance option.

Apple has been under pressure to offer insurance options because of a recent spike in enrollment.

Apple has said that a surge in new customers led it to create an additional 25 million “subscriptions” to its existing plans, which it says would add about $1 billion to the company’s bottom line.

Apple said in a statement on Wednesday that it is pleased to have the opportunity to offer an alternative to the ACA.

“We will continue to build our business as we make the transition to a more competitive insurance market, and we look forward to working with the administration to help our customers and employees get the coverage they need,” the statement said.