As UC’s wellness center is set to become UC Health’s first “feminist” facility, it has raised the possibility of the institution’s health workers working as part of a “health-first” ethos.

The women’s centre will be operated by the UC Health campus and housed in the Menlo Park campus, where the women’s center currently serves as a resource and support centre.

UC Health will create a new health centre for the health care workforce, a position which has not been created yet.

According to the women, their health centre would be “designed with a gender-inclusive focus and gender-neutral bathrooms and dressing rooms, and staffed by a staff of gender-balanced and non-binary people”.

The centre will include a wellness centre, a gender neutral locker room, an on-site gender clinic, and a gender specialist clinic.

The centre’s goal is to provide gender-positive healthcare, with “gender-inclusivity, inclusion and respect for all genders” being its main goal.

“The health centre is part of UC’s mission to support health care workers and employees, including its health care providers, by creating safe, inclusive, equitable, and supportive environments for all our patients and employees,” a statement read.

A spokesperson for the UC Menlo-Park campus said that it would not have a gender specific health centre in the existing health centre, but the new facility would have gender-specific facilities, as it was in the womenís centre.

“We do not currently have a space in the health centre specifically dedicated to the needs of gender diverse healthcare workers,” the spokesperson said.

It’s not clear if the health centres will be located at Menlo or in other UC campus locations, although the spokesperson did say that the university was in talks with other health centres across the US and the world.

The new facility will also include a gender clinic.

“This is a place where people can go for an appointment, speak with a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner or health care provider,” the health spokesperson said, adding that “gender diversity is an integral part of our work to ensure our health workers are diverse in all aspects of their work”.

“We hope this facility will offer more space for gender-insider and gender non-conforming health workers.”

The Women’s Centre’s mission statement reads: “Our mission is to empower women and people of colour to live their lives free from discrimination, to ensure their voices are heard, and to live healthy, fulfilling lives.”

Our mission includes building and supporting communities of support for and access to health care for people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, and the chronically ill.””

We believe in building inclusive, accessible spaces that are safe, comfortable, and welcoming for all of our health care staff and visitors, and that empower people to do their best to heal themselves, their families, and communities.

“The statement continues: “We work to create safe spaces for all people to participate in the healing process, including for those who may experience health and wellness challenges or discomfort.

“The new health center will also host a health-based dance programme, which has been described by the university as a “social event” where “young people of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, ability levels and cultural backgrounds can take part in a fun and energetic, safe, and empowering dance program”.

The dance programme will include music, dance and yoga, and will be held at UC Menllo’s Women’s Center.

The health center is also set to open its doors to the public on the Menlocan campus in 2018, as part the campus’s new community centre program.