Month: September 2021

How to Get Better Health Through Optum Health

The health care company announced on Monday that it is buying Optum, the maker of the company’s wellness software.The acquisition brings Optum’s wellness services into the Optum Healthcare network and also will help accelerate the company and its technology, Optum CEO Scott Cramer said in a statement.Optum Healthcare, which provides medical, dental, and vision services […]

The U.S. Surges in Deaths From Flu-Like Epidemic

President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order that will boost the federal government’s health insurance enrollment to 10 million people and boost federal funding for research on a vaccine.Trump signed the order while speaking at a hospital in the small, rural town of Rush, Arkansas, on Thursday.The president had requested $250 million in […]

The Lad bible –  Atrium Health’s inclusive, health equity login

This is an excerpt from Atria Health’s Inclusive, Health Equity Login.It contains important information about the health equity atrium, including the benefits of health equity access, benefits of wellness programs, the health risks of atrium and health benefits of participating in health care exchanges.Atria’s website ( has information about health equity health, wellness, and wellness programs.Atria also has health wellness services, […]

Health aide who was fired from home health care program to help fight opioid crisis dies in hospital

A home health aid who was sacked from a home health program after the death of her boyfriend last year has died in hospital.Brittany Pugh, 32, died at the University of Calgary Health Sciences Centre on Thursday, hospital spokeswoman Michelle Sarnoff confirmed.Pugh was working at the home health agency’s residential drug and alcohol prevention program.Sarnon […]

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