The U.N. health agency says its health system is at risk of being undermined by the “fraudulence” of some super-rich Americans and says that it has no plans to launch an investigation.

In a report released Thursday, the UHAs health authority said that “it is clear that the UHCS has been a victim of fraud and mismanagement, with a number of the system’s employees and contractors complicit in serious health care fraud and negligence.”

“The UHCG and its employees were aware of the risks posed by the fraudulent and malicious practices, and their actions were not likely to alter the overall system,” the report said.

It said that UHCGs failure to act had caused the “loss of billions of dollars” and “the loss of a number” of key programs that would have been vital to keeping the UHTS up and running.

It added that the agency was “concerned that the fraudulent practices have resulted in a lack of accountability and that a large number of UHCs employees have not been criminally prosecuted.”

The UH’s report also said that the health care systems in some UHC states had been plagued by fraud and malpractice that had caused “serious harm to the UHBs and the UHRs systems and have affected the health and wellbeing of millions of people.”

The agency said that it was also concerned that UHHs health care workforce was understaffed, and that its system had not been adequately protected from the fraud and corruption that has taken place.

“There is clear evidence that the systemic and systemic level of fraud, malpractice and corruption within UHC has been so severe and widespread that it threatens to undermine the UHH’s ability to maintain its operational integrity and the public health system,” it said.

The U.

Hs report also noted that the countrys health system was not well prepared to deal with the Ebola pandemic and that “some UHC systems have been unable to identify and report potential risks to public health and are therefore unable to provide necessary services.”

The report added that UHs system is “in the midst of a major restructuring” to “reorganize and modernize its business operations, strengthen its systems and staffs, and make it more competitive in the health system market.”

The government of the UAHs 50-state federation of states was formed in 2015 to coordinate health care across its territories.

It has said that there are approximately 8,000 health care workers in the UHAs 50 states.

The UHC was formed to act as a hub for U.s health-care system.