Independent health and safety is a key issue in breast cancer prevention and treatment, but there’s a growing body of research that suggests women’s health associations and their medical associations have a responsibility to protect women from breast cancer.

In this episode, we look at the various types of independent health and the role of the medical association.

What are the implications for the medical associations and the general public?

How are women protected from breast cancers and their impact on their health?

And how do we make sure they’re protected when they do come to visit us?

And as a bonus, a quick recap of the latest research that’s been published about the relationship between breast cancer and the medical community.

We’ve also got an exclusive interview with Dr Paul Lister, who led the early phase of the Women’s Health Initiative, a multi-million pound project to find out more about the women’s breast cancer, which is now funded by the European Commission and the UK Government.

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