A new report by the Centre for Policy Studies argues that Britain should consider establishing a national healthcare service.

The report is part of a wider debate about the future of the NHS, which has become more politicised over the past decade.

In this report, the authors argue that the public health sector should be restructured to make it more responsive to the needs of the 21st century, and that the government should invest in new technology.

The report is based on a new survey commissioned by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), which examines the costs of the healthcare system in the UK, and the role of private providers.

“In Britain, healthcare costs have continued to rise in real terms, and have continued rising in absolute terms.

Despite this, we are facing a shortage of doctors, nurses, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, and there is no real public policy to reverse this,” said Dr Michael Gove, director of the IFS.

Gove is one of the authors of the report, which looks at the future needs of health, and how it is currently organised in the country.

As well as the potential for privatisation of the health service, Gove argues that a nationalised system is needed to ensure that it is responsive to changing needs and to provide the best possible service for the most vulnerable.

There are a number of proposals to make the healthcare sector more flexible and responsive, but none of them is being looked at at the moment, according to Gove.

We need to make sure that the NHS is better at responding to changes in the way people are living, he said.

However, there is also a perception that privatisation could lead to privatisation itself, and so, there needs to be a careful balancing of the public and private sectors, he added.

One area where there is some debate is on how the NHS should be financed, and whether to keep the current system or introduce a new model.

This is something that needs to happen, Gowt said.

“If we were to start to privatise it now, the costs would be huge and we would have to change the whole thing.

What do you think? “

We need a national system, we need to have a national public health service and we need a modern NHS, and this needs to start with a national model.”

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