We already know Miami is looking for a QB.

But there is more.

Now, we need to know what the Dolphins have in mind for their QB. 

And that is a lot to ask, because Miami has a plethora of options for the position.

The Dolphins could draft a high-round QB or the best player available, either way it’s going to be tough to choose.

Here’s a look at how the Dolphins will attempt to get their QB in the draft:1.

Round 1: The Dolphins are in the market for a franchise QB.

The front office is in a unique position to make this decision.

They’re not in the position to select a franchise quarterback.

There is only one team that is able to select the first overall pick in the NFL Draft: the New England Patriots.

So the Dolphins are going to have to look elsewhere for their quarterback, and that could be a high pick.

If the Dolphins feel that the best option for the franchise is their own franchise quarterback, they can take him in the first round.

If they don’t, then they will likely select a quarterback from another team that’s in the bidding to select Tom Brady.

That’s a big red flag, because it means the team that drafts Brady has a great chance at selecting him first overall.

That could mean a trade, or even the signing of a free agent.

So that’s a huge risk for the Dolphins to take.

The Dolphins could also choose to trade Brady and pick up his $72 million franchise tag.

That would give them a better chance at securing a QB, but it would also mean the Dolphins can’t make a play for a quarterback in the second round.

But that’s what the front office wants.

The team would have the right to make a trade for a player at any position that was drafted in the top 15 overall.

So if the Dolphins decide they want to draft a quarterback, the team can trade Brady for a team’s top pick.

But if they’re willing to risk losing Brady for one pick, then the team has the right, and they’re going to take him first.

If the Dolphins don’t want to give up a first-round pick for a draft pick, they could use their pick on a quarterback who’s a better fit for Miami.

That is a huge gamble, but the Dolphins’ front office would probably be willing to take that risk.

If Miami decides to draft Brady, they’re basically gambling on their franchise quarterback to be a first overall draft pick.2.

Round 2: The Miami Dolphins will be looking to make some noise in the AFC South.

If they can’t find a QB in this draft, then a team like the Kansas City Chiefs will be able to take a quarterback.

The Chiefs have the best chance of landing a quarterback because they have two top-tier quarterbacks in Alex Smith and Alex Smith Jr. The question is, which team will the Miami Dolphins choose to draft first?

The Miami Dolphins have already made a trade involving Brady.

They traded their second round pick for him.

The Miami front office has the ability to trade their first round pick, and if they choose to do that, then there’s no reason the Dolphins shouldn’t trade Brady.

If Brady was in Miami at the time of the trade, the Dolphins would have been able to trade the first-rounder for Brady.

So why wouldn’t the Miami front end want to do so?

The answer is, they would love to keep Brady around.

The reason the Miami side is willing to make the trade is because they’d love to get rid of Brady.

Brady is a star quarterback, so if he were traded to the Chiefs, the Miami team would be willing trade the second-rounder for Brady, and the Dolphins front office wouldn’t want Brady to leave.

If Brady was traded to Kansas City, the Houston Texans would be interested in acquiring Brady.

It would make more sense for the Miami franchise to trade for Brady rather than giving up a top-10 pick for one.

If that trade was made, the trade would not affect the Dolphins ability to draft another quarterback in Round 2.3.

Round 3: If Miami doesn’t get its QB in Round 3, then what?

The Dolphins front end has the best shot of making a deal for Brady with a team that would like to keep him.

They could trade their pick in Round 1 and pick the quarterback they like the best, or they could trade a first rounder and take the quarterback.

That trade would also include the Dolphins franchise tag and the $72M franchise tag that would allow them to sign Brady if he decides to stay in Miami.

If both of those things happen, then Brady could still be in Miami, but his contract would be in jeopardy because the Dolphins could not use their franchise tag in this round.

The Miami front ended up using their franchise tags in the 2016 NFL Draft, and both of the players they selected in that draft were franchise QBs.

That means the Miami quarterback position is very much in play in Round 4. But