Northern Territory Health Minister Simon Corbell has announced the state will receive $9 billion in new mental health infrastructure over four years, with the aim of improving mental health outcomes in the state and helping to protect Australians from suicide.

The announcement comes in response to a request from the Australian Federal Government for $9.7 billion in mental health funding to support mental health and wellbeing in the NT, which has one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

“The Government has taken the lead in delivering these investments through a series of national funding arrangements, including a $1.1 billion Mental Health Fund and a $4.2 billion Community Mental Health Infrastructure Fund,” Mr Corbell said in a statement.

The $9b Mental Health infrastructure fund will provide $7.4 billion in funding over four successive years.

Mr Corbell announced $2 billion in community mental health support, including $1 billion over the next two years to support vulnerable communities.

In addition to the $9B Mental Health funding, the NT Government is also investing $1b to create a new, community mental wellbeing network to improve the health of vulnerable people and improve outcomes for them and their families.

‘Mental health and suicide’ Mr Crichton said the government had to take the lead on this, with support from the Federal Government.

He said the $4 billion Mental Fitness Facility Network, which is being developed in partnership with the Northern Territory Government, would deliver mental health, wellbeing and wellbeing-related services across the Northern Territories.

It will be a new national, shared service network, he said.

A second funding allocation will also be announced in the coming months, with $1bn to improve mental health in the Territory, including support for community mental healthcare, mental health supports, mental healthcare research and mental wellbeing education.

Key points:Northern Territory Minister Simon Crichter announced $9 bn mental health fund for NT in a news releaseNorthern Territory Health minister Simon Corbbell announced the State would receive $10bn in new funding over the same period as he announced $3.7bn in the Northern territory in the budget.

Northern Territory Government to receive $2bn in Community Mental Healthcare Infrastructure FundThe NT Government will receive a $2.2bn Community Mental Infrastructure Fund, which will be used to support the health and well-being of vulnerable Australians.

Deputy Health Minister Matt McNeil said the NT would be a model for the rest of the country to follow, with an additional $1 bn for community health services in the future.

Under the National Mental Health Partnership, the Government will provide more than $8.4bn in funding to provide mental health to more than 25,000 people across Australia, providing a platform for Indigenous Australians to receive better care, while ensuring Indigenous Australians have access to the same quality mental health care as other Australians.

The National Health Alliance has also announced an additional five billion dollars in funding, with more than half of the money earmarked for mental health.

”This investment is being driven by a commitment by the Northern Territorians Government to invest in community health and wellness in the community to make our communities healthier, safer and better places for people to live,” Mr McNeil added.

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